Our History
From Poland to Ireland to the UK

Founded by Artur Majczyk in 2016

Artur Majczyk was born in Poland and moved to Dublin, Ireland at the age of eighteen. He recognized the possibilities Ireland offered as he began his studies and work in Architecture. With an appreciation for the rich architectural history of Anglo-Irish and Norman castles, reminiscent of the structures in his homeland, Majczyk led a successful career in Architecture for several years.

During a period of market instability, Majczyk began exploring a potential career in Sales and Marketing at age 28. Upon finding a profitable avenue in this market, he made the decision to move back to his homeland in Poland. There, he shared his knowledge of the sales and marketing industry. Over the next four years, Majczyk established and advanced his Poland. He was now ready to once again return to Western Europe.

In 2016, Artur Majczyk expanded his company and opened the doors to Invixo in the City of Leeds, UK. The company has remained dynamic, staying one step ahead of its competition. Invixo has since seen great success with its strategic marketing campaigns. Majczyk has plan to expand again into Manchester, then to the US to Atlanta and Los Angeles.